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Anti-Muslim violence in the U.S. getting out of control

Tuesday, 18 Safar 1434 AH / January 1, 2013
Anti-Muslim violence in the U.S. getting out of control

Hanin MazayaSelasa, January 1, 2013 08:21:09

NEW YORK ( - On the night of December 27, 2012, an Indian immigrant came to America with the name Sunando Sen, he was driven by a stranger to the subway tracks in New York and was beaten and killed a passing train crushed. Sen has lived in New Yotk for many years and after many years, working hard to achieve results, he opened his own small business, a photocopy shop in Upper Manhattan, Murtaza Hussain wrote in an article published by Al Jazeera.

His roommate, MD Kham looks shocked by the death of his friend, a man who spoke softly and loves watching comedy show. "He was so kind, gentle and quiet. It broke my heart."

The next day, the NYPD announced the arrest of Erika Menendez, 31-year-old woman seen in security footage fleeing the scene after pushing Mon after being arrested and taken to the police station for questioning, admitted to killing Menedez Sen and stated motivation was to commit violence against Muslims.

When the detective asked he said:

"I urge Muslims to train tracks because I hate Hindus and Muslims. Since 2001 when they destroyed the Twin towers, I've beat them."

Mon Sunando not a Muslim, but because of the brown-skinned and live in the United States, he was targeted and killed in the act of racial hatred which is a byproduct of the ongoing campaign against bigotry and demonization of the Islamic Ummah who live in America.

American Muslims, and Hindus, Sikhs and others who supposedly looks like a Muslim, had been humiliated, attacked and in many cases killed by individuals who commit violence because of the influence of the media.

Increased anti-Muslim violence

The level of hatred and violence directed at the Muslim community to rise sharply. In the past month, in New York alone, the police had suspected racial hatred as the motive behind some of the crimes.

This includes a series of murders specifically targeting store owners from the Middle East in Brooklyn, the last victim was a 78-year-old immigrant named Rahmatollah Vahidipour who was shot dead while closing her boutique and lifeless body was then dragged into the back room and covered with items from his shop.

In the same week, the killing of other Muslims that preceded the brutal beating by two men. While other Muslim man was stabbed several times outside a mosque by an assailant who shouted: "I'll kill Muslims", while repeatedly thrust his knife into the victim.

The incident is in line with U.S. statistics that show anti-Muslim violence was the highest on record, a trend that comes along with a campaign against the construction of mosques in the United States and the fear of politicians and some of the media about the alleged plot American Muslims will change the constitution and impose Islamic law in the country it.

In the U.S. election cycle is also seen Muslims used as a target for their vote. One example of members of parliament from the Republican party in Illinois, Joe Walsh, who said while campaigning: "Muslims are here to try to kill Americans every day" which was greeted by cheering supporters.

Having successfully made the crowd hysterical, during the first days of the Muslim community suffered the consequences of his rhetoric. A man opened fire on a mosque in Illinois as hundreds of worshipers attending prayers in Ramadan tarawih. The next day, another mosque was attacked using acid bomb was thrown into the window while the congregation to pray Isha in congregation.

Despite a series of attacks on Muslims in Illinois after a baseless statement, Walsh refused to apologize for accusing retorikasnya and even other, more powerful against the Muslim community. This is a reflection of anti-Muslim acceptance by the political rhetoric in the U.S. today.

Indeed, the use of Muslim by opportunist politicians who made a scapegoat minorities became a regular feature of American political life and shows no signs of abating. (Haninmazaya /