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Major Sins in Islam

Major Sins

Shaykh M. Mutawalli Sha'rawi

Is Amr bin Ubaid, a scholar Basrah, and the ascetics. Said by government officials about him as follows: "you are all seekers of hunting, except Amr bin Ubaid". That is, all scholars came to government officials to get a prize, except Amr bin Ubaid. One time, our scholars want to find a clear definition of what sin is great, directly from the texts of the Qur'an, and not of the opinion of the scholars.

He went to Abu Abdillah Ja'far bin Muhammad Sadiq. As we know, Sadiq was the most appropriate figure to be asked about this, because he is a scholar of the Ahl-ul-bait, and he has been so steeped in the mysteries of the content of the Qur'an. After he met her, and sat with him, he then read the word of Allah the following:

"(It is) people who avoid major sins and abominable actions, apart from minor mistakes". (An-Najm: 32).
At this point he stopped and silence!. Watching it was Abu Abdillah Ja'far Sadiq asked him: "Why are you silent, O Ibn Ubaid?"

He replied: "I want to know exactly what that great sins, directly from the testimony of the Book of Allah".

Abu Abdillah Ja'far al-Sadiq said: "you came to the right". Then he said again: "[Sin big it is, first:] Shirk to Allah. Concerning this Allah says:

"Verily Allah will not forgive the sin of shirk, and He forgives all sins, apart from this (shirk), for whom He wills". (An-Nisa: 48)
And Allah said:

"Those who ascribe (something to) Allah, surely Allah forbid him Paradise". (Al Maaidah: 72)
Then he adds: [The second sin is] despair of getting grace of Allah Almighty. Concerning this Allah says:

"Surely not despair of the mercy of God, but the people who disbelieve" ". (Yuusuf: 87).
Thus, Abu Abdillah Sadiq said citing legal arguments from the Quran. Next he explains further: [next major sins are:] feel safe from the threat of Allah SWT. Concerning this Allah says:

"Nor are secure from the punishment of Allah except the people are the losers." (Al-A'raf: 99)
The fourth is a great sin: disobedience to parents. Because Allah SWT mensipati doers disobedient to his parents as people who jabbaar syaqiy 'damned arrogant person'. Concerning this Allah says:

"And dutiful to my mother, and He has made me a proud again woe". (Maryam: 32).
The next major sins are: to kill. Concerning this Allah says:

"And whoever kills a believer intentionally, then the reward is Jahannam, he eternally therein." (An-Nisa: 93).
The next major sins are: good woman accused commit adultery. Concerning this Allah says:

"Surely those who accuse women nicely, the unsuspecting again believers (commit adultery), they got la'nat in the world and the Hereafter, and for them the doom". An Nuur: 23)
The next great sin: devour usury. Concerning this Allah says:

"People who eat (take) riba can not stand but as stands one whom possessed by devils because (pressure) insanity". (Al-Baqarah: 275)
The next great sin: running from the battlefield. That is, when the Muslims were attacked by their enemies, and the Muslims advanced to defend themselves from enemy attack, then there is an individual Muslims who have fled the fighting. about this Allah says:

"Those who turned their (backward) in time, except for the turn (Finesse) war or about to merge with another force, then surely the man returned with wrath from Allah, and his place is Hell. And so Evil where the return ". (Al Anfaal: 16)
Next major sins are: consuming the orphan's property. Concerning this Allah says:

"Those who take the orphan's property unjustly, they actually swallow fire full bellies, they will enter into the blazing fire (hell)." (An-Nisa: 10)
The next great sin: adultery. Concerning this Allah says:

"Those who do so, surely he gets (retaliation) sin (it), (ie) the punishment will be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will be that eternal punishment". (Al Furqaan: 68-69)
About conceal testimony, is as spoken by God:

"And do not you (the witness) testimony hide. And those who hide, then surely he is a sinner heart". (Al-Baqarah: 283)
Next major sins are: perjury. Ie if a person swears to do something works, but apparently he did not do the deed. or he vowed never to do a deed, but in reality he then did the deed. Concerning this Allah says:

"Those who sell the promise of (her with) Allah and their oaths at a small price, they did not receive a portion (reward) in the Hereafter, and Allah will not speak with them and will not see them on the Judgment Day and not (also) will purify them. painful punishment for them. " (Ali Imraan: 77)
The next great sin: treasonous act of property spoils of war. Concerning this Allah says:

"Those who defected in the affairs of spoils it, then on the Day of Resurrection it will come with what dikhianatkannya it". (Ali Imraan: 161)
Next major sins are: to drink alcohol [alcohol]. Concerning this Allah says:

"Surely (drinking) alcohol, gambling, (sacrificing to) idols, raffle fate with arrows, including deeds are vile deeds devil. Then shun acts so that you get lucky." (Al Maaidah: 90).
The next great sin: the prayer. Concerning this Allah says:

"What put you into Saqar (hell)?" They said: "We were not of those who pray". (Al Muddats-tsir: 42-43)
Next major sins are: breaking the agreement and decide ties. Because ties are one of the ties are ordered by Allah to be connected. Concerning this Allah says:

"(They are) those who violate God's covenant after covenant was firm, and decide what God commanded (them) to be joined, and make mischief in the land. They are the ones who lose." (Al-Baqarah: 27)
Thus, all sin had been a part of a major sin, according to the description of the texts of the Quran. And each of them had a great sin of wisdom, as expressed by Sadiq. And when he was asked by Ibn Ubaid about what sin is great, Sadiq confidently answered in the order as before. And the mention of the order was also expressed by without thinking. Which suggests that the problem has been embedded in his head, especially when it was realized that these verses are randomly in various suras in the Koran. So to mention he had quoted and collecting it from here and there; case also shows that he really has studied the secrets of the content of the Qur'an.

From the book: Major Sins
Author: Sheikh M. Mutawalli Sha'rawi
Translator: Abdul Hayyie al Kattani and Fithriah Wardie
Publisher: Echoes Insani Press, Jakarta