Sunday, January 13, 2013

Crisis, but America Israel Give Millions of Dollars

Crisis, but America Israel Give Millions of Dollars

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 States still will menguurkan military aid to Israel, although it is facing financial problems to a lot of the budget must be cut.

Money amounting to 205 million dollars will be given to Israel to finance Jewish Zionist missile defense system, Iron Dome.

"We provide assistance to a prosperous nation. How exceeded the amount received by all developing countries combined. I do not understand," said political analyst told PressTV Daoud Khairallah (12/4).

  Not long ago the U.S. representatives in the parliament agreed to cut the state budget by 38 billion dollars in order to save the country's finances. The education sector is one of the affected, where many schools have closed and teachers laid off.

Rollin Amore economists argue, the U.S. economy will get worse thereby.

Meanwhile, political analyst Wayne Madsen said, "The interests of Israel take precedence over the interests of the United States."

Approval of the disbursement of funds to Israel by the parliament can not be separated from the power of the Jewish lobby is very strong grip known U.S. political world. *