Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Stains on the Holy See (1) Pastor depraved perverted lust

Stains on the Holy See (1)

Pastor depraved perverted lust

Father Neil Doherty silent when Judge Kenneth Gillesple Brodward Court, south of the State of Florida, USA, on Monday read out the verdict. 69 year old man looks frail, standing with bent body and handcuffs.

Doherty sentenced to 15 years in prison after two weeks earlier appeal. He was found guilty sodomized an altar boy in the mid to late 1990's. "This could be my maximum penalty drop," said Gillesple, as reported by the Miami Herald newspaper two days ago.

Doherty still have to face two more cases in open court about the trauma of sexual abuse against a child he did a few decades ago. If the criminal court, the victim was not present. They only give the information by mail.

As for the two charges again, the victim testified directly in the courtroom. Both are Dennis Montero, 43, and Jorge Soler, 39 years.

Montero said he met Doherty, known as the pastor likes to help troubled youth. Bukannhya assist, lecherous priest is actually fed with wine and narcotics victim unconscious. "When I woke up, I was naked and sodomized," said Montero.

Father Doherty bersyhawat not just misguided. There are thousands of lecherous priests in the Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal child. Pedophilia swept Europe and America. Noda Holy See Vatican is shaken when uncovered two years ago.

This figure appears in a four-day symposium at the Jesuit Pontifical Gregorian University, the capital of Rome, Italy, in February last year. Meeting for the first time to discuss how to deal with a wave of sexual abuse in the Catholic churches in Europe and the United States a decade. About 200 people attended include bishops, head of the order, the victim, and mental health professionals.

Cardinal William Joseph Levada from the United mengungkapakan Vatican is investigating more than four thousand cases of pedophilia involving priests in the world in the last decade. He described the data as a dramatic improvement and has damaged the image of the Holy See, forcing Pope Benedict XVI to apologize publicly.

Different records uncovered by monsignor Charles Scicluna of the Vatican doctrinal department in an interview two years ago. He calls have happened three thousand cases of pedophilia by priests in the past half century, as written in the Daily Mail newspaper in February last year.

Not just the recognition needed by the victims. They want to see the future pastor vandal kids altar in jail, as the fate of Doherty.