Tuesday, January 8, 2013

French Muslims to rise up against gay marriage

Wednesday, 26 Safar 1434 AH / January 9, 2013
French Muslims to rise up against gay marriage

SiraajSelasa, January 8, 2013 21:55:51
PARIS (Arrahmah.com) - Same-sex marriage or homosexuality in France kept getting protests from various circles of society, particularly Muslims. The scholars and Muslim intellectuals in France have called on Muslims to join the protest against government legislation legalizing this illicit relationship.

"We will protest on 13 January with a campaign to preserve the pluralistic framework of traditional marriage (normal marriage between women and men-ed)," Muslim activists said in a letter quoted by Reuters.

"We invite all Muslims in France to come down in large numbers."

This appeal letter issued on Monday (07/01/2013), they accused the government of Francois Hollande using the issue of gay marriage is to cover inability in the fight against unemployment.

The French government led by the Socialist Party in France has sparked outrage last month after approving a bill legalizing same-sex marriage.

The bill, to be debated by the French National Assembly this month, will provide rights to gay couples to adopt children.

This bill has caused a mass protest across France, all circles of Muslims, Christians, and Jews helped condemn this unlawful marriage legalized.

The opposition stressed that the government's decision will undermine crazy traditions normal marriage, between a man and a woman. The opposition insists that the marriage since the first is between men and women, mothers and fathers can not always from the same sex. (Siraaj / arrahmah.com)